Pennsylvania Arthropod-borne Diseases

Pennsylvania Powassan Virus Testing
Pennsylvania Tick-borne Disease Testing

As Powassan Virus concerns rise following recently published tick data, Pennsylvania physicians trust Coppe Laboratories for full spectrum tick-borne disease testing needs including Powassan Virus testing.

Pennsylvania Powassan Virus Testing

Coppe Laboratories’ Powassan Virus testing is the first and only commercially available test, providing Pennsylvania physicians reliable results within 10 business days.

Our two-step serological test utilizes a tick-borne virus antigen screen with confirmation of Powassan Virus (POWV) by immunofluorescent assay (IFA).

Pennsylvania Tick-borne Disease Panel Testing

As few symptoms are specific to any one tick-borne disease, differentiation by appropriate laboratory testing helps Pennsylvania physicians when considering treatment options.

Our comprehensive tick-borne disease testing panel (Arthropod-borne Disease Panel) detects exposure to the agents responsible for the most common tick-borne diseases in the U.S. including Powassan Virus (Deer Tick Virus) and West Nile Virus (mosquito-borne).

Coppe Laboratories was the first to identify the co-presence of Lyme borrelia and Powassan Virus in deer ticks (I. scapularis).

Further evidence showed that these co-pathogens can be transmitted in one single tick bite.*

*Serologic Evidence of Powassan Virus Infection in Patients with Suspected Lyme Disease August 2017, EmergInfect Dis

Pennsylvania Powassan Virus Testing and Tick-borne Disease Testing

Developed by Coppe Laboratories and available since 2017

Results within 10 Business Days