HHV-6 Immunohistochemistry (IHC)


Pregnant woman
IHC - HHV-6 in Endometrium
Toddler and smiling mother

A 2016 study by Marci et al., showed that 43% of infertile women tested positive for HHV-6 with 0% of the fertile women testing positive for the virus. The authors of this PLOS study concluded that HHV-6 may reactivate due to hormonal changes which could make the uterine environment inhospitable for implantation and fetal development. Further clinical studies are needed to determine the role that HHV-6 plays in fertility.

Coppe Laboratories’ HHV-6 IHC testing has proven to be a highly sensitive and specific method for determining active HHV-6 in tissue biopsy samples.

New York Physicians: No approved waiver necessary. Coppe Laboratories holds a license with the NYSDOH (#PFI 9230) and is permitted to accept orders for the following tests: #3008 Powassan IgG/IgM; #5000 West Nile Virus IgM; #2001 HHV 6 IHC; #20011 HHV 6 IHC (Endometrial)

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