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We are a CLIA-certified diagnostic reference laboratory that provides specialty testing with an emphasis on the interaction between infection and immunity.

Our laboratory provides advanced testing for leukotropic herpesviruses: HHV-6A and HHV-6B,
as well as
arthropod-borne pathogens and allergy.

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  • Diagnostic Testing for HHV-6

    Due to the ubiquitous nature of HHV-6, traditional PCR tests may detect DNA from a latent viral infection rather than an active one. Coppe Laboratories performs specialized testing on cellular and non-cellular samples such as blood, bone marrow, CSF, hair follicles, fingernail clippings and tissue. Our testing can distinguish latent from active infection as well as identifying cases of chromosomally integrated HHV-6 (ci-HHV-6). Studies show that HHV-6 may have serious implications in pregnancy and fetal health.

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  • Nearly 100 Million People in the United States Suffer from Allergies

    Coppe Laboratories’ allergy testing is performed on blood samples and does not require multiple needle sticks with potentially deadly allergens. Old-fashioned skin testing has the potential to result in life-threatening illness if an allergen causes a severe reaction. Coppe Laboratories’ allergy testing covers all major food and environmental allergens, and provides relevant information to the physician who can then determine the best course of action for managing symptoms. Symptom management is the key to allergy control.

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  • Comprehensive Lyme Disease Testing

    At Coppe Laboratories, our tests exceed what is suggested in the current CDC guidelines. In addition to the CDC’s recommended two-tier strategy, our tests contain the most critical antigens, VlsE and OspC, for sensitive and specific detection of antibodies to the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. Our tests are designed to detect infections caused by all strains of Borrelia burgdorferi, the European strains Borrelia garinii and afzelii, and Borrelia miyamotoi. Coppe also offers Lyme co-infections testing for bacteria such as Babesia spp. And Anaplasma spp, as well as viruses like Powassan, and West Nile. Click below to learn more about how Coppe Labs can help YOU!

    Tick-borne Coinfections

    In addition to our Comprehensive Lyme Test Panel, Coppe also offers co-infection testing for the most common agents transmitted by the deer tick. Our complete Tick-borne Disease Panel includes testing for the bacterial agent Anaplasma, previously known as human granulocytic ehrlichiosis (HGE), the protozoan Babesia microti and the only commercially-available panel of tests for Powassan virus. As the symptoms of these tick-borne diseases are practically indistinguishable, laboratory testing is key to determining the best course of treatment for improved outcomes.

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  • West Nile Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA IgG/IgM)

    West Nile virus is a member of the Flaviviridae family that includes viruses like Zika, Dengue Fever, Hepatitis C and Powassan virus and has now been identified in almost half of the U.S. West Nile is transmitted to humans (and animals) by an infected mosquito. Most infections occur during warm weather when mosquitoes are most active. The period between the mosquito bite and the appearance of signs and symptoms ranges from two to 14 days. Most people infected with West Nile virus either don’t develop signs or symptoms or have only minor complaints–a low grade fever and mild headache. There are a few people that develop a life-threatening illness characterized by inflammation of the spinal cord or brain. The symptoms of West Nile infection are very similar to those of Lyme disease. Common signs and symptoms include: fever, nausea and vomiting, body aches, fatigue, and diarrhea. Some people develop a rash.

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  • Powassan Testing by PCR and Serology

    Powassan virus is a member of the Flaviviridae family that includes viruses like Zika, West Nile, Dengue Fever and Hepatitis C. Like Lyme disease, Powassan virus is emerging in the same geographic areas throughout the Northeast and Midwest United States. According to research performed by Coppe Laboratories, the Lyme disease agent and Powassan virus frequently travel together in the same tick. Unlike Borrelia, Powassan virus can transmit from tick to host in just 15 minutes! Powassan virus is found in wooded and bushy areas as well as fields where ticks live. Coppe Laboratories is the first reference laboratory to provide complete diagnostic testing for Powassan virus. The PCR test detects viral RNA in a patient sample during the first two weeks of infection serology tests measure a patient’s antibody response beginning 2-4 weeks post-exposure.

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Scientific Leadership

Coppe Laboratories scientists, Dr. Konstance Knox and Dr. Donald Carrigan, use their expertise to drive the development of specialty tests in transplantation, tick-borne illnesses, multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome. As leaders in viral pathogenesis research, they contributed to peer reviewed publications by inspiring over 75 articles and authoring/co-authoring over 40 others.

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State of the Art Facility

Coppe Laboratories is a CLIA-certified laboratory. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the physician and patient in the area of acute and chronic infectious diseases. Hosting an onsite BSL-3 lab, we are able to engage in research for the next generation of diagnostic testing for indigenous or exotic agents which may cause serious or potentially lethal disease.

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Exclusive Diagnostic Testing

Coppe Laboratories is currently the only reference lab testing for HHV-6 mRNA and chromosomally integrated HHV-6 (ciHHV-6) on blood, hair follicle and nail. Our proprietary immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining of tissues detects HHV-6 proteins in fixed and paraffin embedded tissues, confirming active viral infection. Coppe Laboratories has the only commercially-available diagnostic test panel for tick-borne Powassan virus in the US.

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