TRAc-6: Testing for HHV-6 in Infertility

For the last four years, Coppe Laboratories’ mission has been to ensure all patients have access to clinically-relevant diagnostic testing that allows patients and physicians to make the most informed treatment decisions. Groundbreaking research and development is what has made Coppe Laboratories a leading provider of diagnostic tests with diverse applications.

Coppe’s research team has recently set their sights on the significance of human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) expression in endometrium as it relates to infertility. For over 25 years, the founders of Coppe Laboratories have offered unique, specialty tissue testing for HHV-6 to bone marrow and solid organ transplant centers. Coppe regularly receives tissue samples for HHV-6 testing from some of the most well-known medical centers in the country.

New data suggests that HHV-6 may be may be hanging out and causing problems in a whole new place…the uterus. A study published in PLOS Pathogens in 2016 found that over 40% of cases of previously unexplained infertility may actually be linked to reactivation of the virus in the endometrium. A range of gestational problems are often associated with the presence of HHV-6, such as spontaneous abortions, gestational hypertension and premature births. Such a statistically significant finding suggests physicians need to consider adding routine HHV-6 testing when looking for the root cause of infertility.

As discussed in a recent article in Harcourt Health, traditional blood tests for HHV-6 simply are not sufficient to diagnose HHV-6 as the cause of infertility. The virus can only be detected in uterine epithelial cells, particularly during the secretory phase, suggesting a sub-clinical reactivation of the virus during this phase of the menstrual cycle. Coppe Laboratories’ HHV-6 IHC testing is an advanced method for detecting HHV-6 reactivation in uterine epithelial cells from infertile women utilizing the same technology used for decades in the transplant setting.

The sample requirements for an endometrial biopsy are quite straight forward, relatively non-invasive and accessible to anyone. With the growing evidence of an association between HHV- 6 and infertility, Coppe Laboratories recommends TRAc-6 testing for all women presenting with unexplained infertility, repeat failure to implant and multiple miscarriages. Contact us today for more information!

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