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Lyme Tests – Antibodies to Borrelia

Test: Lyme Tests – Antibodies to Borrelia


  • 3001 – Lyme Borrelia Screening Test (Total Antibody [IgG/IgM] EIA)
  • 3002 – Lyme Confirmatory Tests (IgG and IgM Line Blots)
  • 3003 – Comprehensive Lyme Panel (includes both tests)
Testing for:
Lyme Disease
Sample Type:
Plasma, Whole Blood, Serum
Test Code/s:
3001, 3002, 3003
  • Uses

    The CDC currently recommends a two-step process when testing for evidence of antibodies against the Lyme disease bacteria, Borrelia. Both steps can be done using the same sample. Coppe Laboratories employs this two-step approach, while using recombinant VlsE and OspC antigens to increase test sensitivity.  The Coppe Lyme panel tests for multiple strains of Borrelia burgdorferi, the European species B. garinii and B. afzelii, and will also detect infections caused by B. miyamotoi.  Testing is recommended 4-6 weeks after initial tick bite.


    Coppe Labs’ screening test uses an enzyme immunoassay (EIA). If screen results are negative, no further testing is recommended. If the screen results are positive or equivocal, confirmatory line blot tests will be performed.

    Lyme Screen – Total Antibody [IgG/IgM] Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA)

    • Includes Borrelia burgdorferi purified OspC antigens
    • Detects infections with multiple strains of Borrelia burgdorferi as well as B. garinii, B. afzelii and B. miyamotoi

    Confirmatory Test – Anti-Borrelia IgG and IgM Line Blots

    • Comprehensive array of diagnostically relevant Borrelia antigens
      • Recombinant VlsE from three genospecies: B. burgdorferi, B. garinii and B. afzelii
      • Immunogenic lipids from B. burgdorferi and B. afzelii upregulated during late stage disease
      • Native OspC from all three genospecies
    • Densitometry software is used for band analysis for objective results