• Overview

    Coppe Laboratories Allergy Test Panels measure levels of specific IgE antibodies produced in response to the most common inhalation and food allergens. This testing is useful for initial determination of allergic triggers, monitoring how well an allergy treatment is working and tracking when an allergy may no longer be of concern.


    Each allergy panel contains a test strip coated with 21 unique allergen extracts. The test strip is incubated with a patient serum or plasma sample, and any IgE antibodies in the sample will bind to their target allergen. The test strips are scanned using a densitometry software program and each allergen band is assigned an intensity value. The intensity of each allergen band is scored and assigned to a corresponding Enzyme-Allergo-Sorbent Test (EAST) class of 0 – 6. The EAST class is a measure of allergy severity.

    Additional Test Benefits

    Turnaround time for testing is 10-14 days from the receipt of sample.

    Coppe Laboratories will file insurance and any necessary appeal with the patient’s insurance company.

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