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Powassan Virus Panel (Includes PCR and EIA/IFA)

Test: Powassan Virus Panel (Includes PCR and EIA/IFA)


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Whole Blood
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  • Uses

    The Powassan Virus Panel will include testing for both acute and chronic infections.

    Direct Testing: Powassan Acute Test (PCR)

    • Measurement of the actual virus RNA.
    • Used in determining acute infection in those individuals who have symptoms for less than six weeks.

    Indirect Testing: Powassan Serology Panel

    Measurement of patient’s antibody response to the virus

    • IgG and IgM antibodies specific for Powassan detected
    • Test is useful for determining stage of infection including chronic disease


    PCR testing:  This procedure detects the presence of Powassan virus lineage I (POWV) and lineage II (DTV) genomic RNA in human blood samples.

    EIA/IFA (Serology):

    The EIA measures IgG and IgM antibodies to members of the tick-borne encephalitis complex (TBE-C).  Due to the homology between these viruses, antibodies that cross-react with the TBE virus substrate in the EIA kit are found in samples from patients exposed to any member of the complex to a varying degree. If the sample is positive using specific criteria set by Coppe Laboratories, confirmation is done by IFA.  IFA is performed by incubating patient samples on slides with virus-infected cells and then staining with fluorescein-labeled anti-human antibodies.  Positive staining is visualized with a fluorescent microscope.