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Arthropod-borne Disease Panel

Test: Arthropod-borne Disease Panel


Testing for:
Arthropod-borne Disease Panel, Lyme Disease, Powassan, Babesia, Anaplasma, West Nile Virus
Sample Type:
Whole Blood, Plasma, Serum
Test Code/s:
  • Uses

    The Arthropod-borne Disease Panel is a comprehensive diagnostic tool to detect exposure to arthropod-transmitted illnesses.

    Tests include the following:

    • #3001 Lyme Borrelia Screening Test (Total Antibody [IgG/IgM] EIA)
    • #3002 Lyme Confirmatory Tests (IgG and IgM Line Blots)
    • #3008 Powassan Virus IgG/IgM EIA (reflex to IFA if positive)
    • #3013 Babesia IgG IFA
    • #3014 Anaplasma IgG/IgM IFA
    • #5000 West Nile Virus IgG/IgM EIA

    Note: Tick-borne Disease Panel (#4010) is also available and includes all listed tests above except #5000 WNV


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